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Thank you for your interest in the NJHealth Study! Our team is excited to connect with you to discuss your potential participation in the study. The study, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) and the State of New Jersey, will be one of the largest investigations ever undertaken to identify how life events and stressors influence health, well-being and health equity among New Jersey residents.

We hope you will join us in our journey to inform how policymakers, community leaders, and researchers can more effectively address the health needs of diverse communities.

Study investigators,

Joel C. Cantor, ScD        Paul Duberstein, PhD        William Hu, MD, PhD, FAAN     

Dawne Mouzon, PhD, MPH     Michael Yedidia, PhD, MPH 

Fast Facts about the NJHealth Study

• The study will represent New Jersey residents ages 14 and older.
• It will include large groups of immigrants, people in multi-generational households and minority and low-income residents.

• Existing data does not provide information by immigrant subgroups for understanding population specific social and cultural determinants of health.
• To fill the gaps in the existing data sources, the study aims to collect data over time to understand community needs, stressors, strengths and how they impact health.
• Findings will offer practical, actionable information for improving population health and health equity.

• Participants will be asked to take part in an in-depth in person or telephone interview.
• Some participants will be asked to submit blood samples/biomarkers and physical activity data.
• We will also request permission to link some participants’ information with other data sources.

Register to learn more and we’ll contact you soon!

Participants may be eligible to receive up to $105.

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NJHealth Study - Teaser Video